giovedì, giugno 04, 2009


i'm not dead.
just busy.
and forgetful.
since the last ive been to rome, germany and pretty much all over the place.
im sorry to say that ive been having some trouble again on the home front (i wont say much), but as it goes i only have 15days left until my mom comes and go around italy.

im super excited to see her again, and though i will miss italy, i must say i feel ready to go back home again.

germany was sweet, by the way. if i could re-pick a place to go on exchange it would definatly be there. love all you germans! italian school is a downer too, but that also is almost done. a week from today i can say NEVER AGAIN! to the italian school system.
it will be a wonderful, wonderful thing to say.
the weather is getting unbearably hot here, with concrete everywhere and the buildings so high it feels like no wind will ever come through. the metros have started to stink again... you know summer is here when that familiar scent drifts up from the bowels of the city. and seeing as italians (i cant say europeans in general becuase i really havent gotten too much outside of italy- and at this even northern italians in general) dont care so much about deoderant and its wonderous uses.

gotta go! ill maybe put some pictures up later.