martedì, settembre 30, 2008

One Month

Im sorry i havent been updating very much... I really do have to work o nthat. Time is flying by here and i cant believe that today is 4 weeks from the day i arrived. Im going to do a quick review for you, so i dont feel so guilty about keeping you in the dark for so long...
Week One: I dont remember much. Everything was pretty much a blur, and i didnt understand much of what was happening at all. It was fun though!
Week Two: I had a rotary meeting the 14th of september. There i met all the other inbounds to the district! there are 25orsomthing of us! We spent the day around milan and i reunited with the other inbound from hawaii. I met the other kids who are goign to my school! I started school the 15th. My first day was intersting... But not much happened.
Week Three: What a week! With school 6 days a week from 8am-1pm, that took up alot of my time. It got quite cold and i had to go out and buy winter clothes. It was expensive! But worth it... Very much... I got a haircut this week. Very nice. I found a soccer team to play on here and this week i had my first practice. Its very fun, but the practices run late! They are from 9pm-11pm, but thankfully the "field"(its more like turf with sand" is only about 2 minutes walking from my house. That saturday i went to the birthday party of my host sisters who is in new york right now best friend. It was fun and i practiced my italian. Officaly broke by the end of this week!
Last week:This is when the fun started. I finally found the other exchangers at my school! (At which i am still waiting for my schedule to be fixed.Im in all the wrong classes! It is so boring!) We have been hanging out almost everyday after school. One day last week we went walking around milan (the 4 of us) and saw some pretty cool thigns. Like a church decorated with bones, and a nutella crepe! The day after me and one other girl went exploring milano. We had alot of fun. This saturday night i went up to Lecco (a little city about 40 min norht of milan by train) and met up with the other hawaiian and some other girls. It was so muchfun! i spent the night at her hosue and sunday morning went on a bikeride around the lake and later a hike into the mountains. Yesterday, my birthday, i went to the Scalla and saw a ballet. It was pretty amazing! Today after school i went out for lunch and got some tea. This was really condensed and ill come back and post pictures later! It will be better and i will try to update every other day or something!
Miss you all.... Ciaoooo Jody

venerdì, settembre 05, 2008


Ciao a tutti!
I arrived in Milano 3 days ago, and so far everything has been meraviglioso! (wonderful).
(my italian house is on the corner)
The plane ride was long, and the layovers were lonely, but i did arrive safely and very tired to milan tuesday night. Both of my bags made it (i didnt think they would, seeing as i had two nine hour layovers! I thought they would get lost!) And my host family greeted me with a belissimo sign that said "welcome Jody!". It was wonderful! My first day here was quite hectic. We applied for my residency permit, which took several hours, and then we went to my host fathers house for me to see what it looks like. I was very tired! My second day was much more relaxed. I played some cards with my host sisters, and we walked to a street called Corso Buenos Aires. It is very busy there, but very intersting. I tried something very intersting... Melon with Prochutto(ham)! The food here is molto bene! I think today i ate the best pasta i have ever eaten in my whole life :). But back to yesterday night, when my family and i went out to dinner with my rotary counseler at a jappanese restaurant. He is very nice! I ate Gelato di Rizo (Rice gelato. It was so good!)
(at dinner)
Today my host mother had to go on a buisness trip to venezia. So she got a babysitter to take me and my host sisters around to milano (my sisters are 8 e 11). We walked around, to the park in Porta Venezia
(in the park)
We ate some gelato (i had taramisu gelato.... mmmmmmm....) and went to the center of the city.
(see the duomo)
The streets here are so bella! Around every corner there is a suprise, a statue, and just the streets themselves are just amazing. Well we went to the Duomo by foot, and it was AMAZING!

(the front of the duomo. it was like, 50 million times bigger :) )
This icture des it no justice! It was so grand and magnificent.... I also saw the galleria, which is the oldest shopping mall in the world. I turned three times in the eye of a bull or something. It was funny :)

(the front of the galleria)
We then also saw the scalla, and went home on the subway. It was kind of smelly :)

(with my italian sisters)
It is beautiful here and the food is so good... I am learning so much of the language. I have been here for only 3 days and i can actually sometimes but not very often follow a conversation. My host sisters are wonderful, and they are so much fun. Ciao for now, and i do miss everyone at home! ciao!